XnView MP beta 0.35

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XnView MP beta 0.35

Post by jmjsc »

I am very impressed by this software, I need a really fast image viewer to replace my old version of ACDSee 2.43. I don't need many special features, just a really fast image viewer with file browser support and fast switching between images in a folder. Right now, I obviously have to test it some more to actually replace ACDSee, but it is looking good.

One thing I don't like and I find it counter-intuitive:

I use double-click to enter fullscreen mode from browser mode, but I have to double-click on something other than the filename to view the picture. XnViewMP Windows version should adopt Windows Explorer convention of "slow double-click" to change filename and standard double-click to execute (in this case, enter full-screen mode).

Edit: I also would like to be able to fully disable "info box" on full screen display.

Edit2: another small thing I would like to see: right now, the file size column is left justified, I would like to see it right justified. This would make it easier to compare file sizes at a glance because the byte of least significance is to the right.

Now (show size in bytes always should have unit still, now it removes it)

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File name---|File size-----|<-------
image1.jpg--|302 KiB-------|
image2.jpg--|1 300 KiB-----|
My suggestion

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File name---|-----File size|<-------
image1.jpg--|-------302 KiB|
image2.jpg--|-----1 300 KiB|

Thank you, looking forward to new versions! -jmjsc :)
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Re: XnView MP beta 0.35

Post by xnview »

Please check XnViewMP 0.38