Maximum viewer tabs allowed opened

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Maximum viewer tabs allowed opened

Post by budz45 »

Hi again,

Long time no chat/request.. I missed it. :mrgreen:


I created this:
Something such as this could go somewhere within the settings>interface

Say for example I would use this proposed feature and set the max tabs opened to say '30' then on that 30th tab any new image opened would just open continually on that 30th tab as that would be the max allowed :)

Also if the existing tickbox fucntion of "only one image tab opened" is enabled/ticked then the 'max tabs allowed' setting feature (that I'm proposing) should of course become greyed out. So both functions in the settings would connect and work together in that way.

I think this should be considered for future MP beta not next MP beta. Not an important feature (maybe yet) unless others disagree.
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