MP 0.38 Win: Using "search similar files"

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MP 0.38 Win: Using "search similar files"

Post by JohanP » Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:46 pm

The tool "search similar files" is great and much better then in the "old" XnView.
I use this tool a lot and now it is very effectiv to work with.

Two little remarks:

The first time I used it and the tool showed a list of results, I clicked on the first (most left) thumb and ...
nothing happened. That was a little confusing. Now I know that clicking the 2., 3. , .... thumb in a row also shows the first image.
My suggestion: a click on the first thumb (the original) shows the first and the second image.

The window with the results has at the bottom two buttons: "OK" and "Cancel".
I didn't found a difference in reaction between them; They both only closed the window.
If so, only one button "Close" is perhaps better.


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