Dark Theme & Toolbar icons

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Dark Theme & Toolbar icons

Post by budz45 »


Right, this has probably been brought up before but I must say the standard 'colorful' toolbar icons when looked upon in the Dark theme don't look so appealing IMHO interface perspective..
Image Image
..They just don't feel right for any Darker interface theme.


Ok, For now, instead of adding the toolbar skins feature of old xnview win (which might arrive later) why not just have XnView MP somehow auto-convert all the color toolbar png icons to Sepia level 0 / icons like these mock-ups:



I used XnConvert to convert the icons to same PNG with the only Action being 'Sepia = 0' (I did not use any dreaded 'greyscale' as png transparency and bit depth needs to be preserved as Sepia does it.)

The color icons I think can stay for:
=drop-down menu's such as the File,Edit,View,Image,Tools,Help
=All Right-click context menu's
=the Shortcuts and Toolbar editor's in Settings


Also for Dark theme, as in my screesnhots, may I suggest that the viewer's background canvas color get auto-changed during applying the theme to a dark-earth grey color. In my screenshots I've set the background color canvas (settings>view>[background color]) to RGB 66,66,66.

The Dark theme is potentially awesome but needs further color tweaking (not difficult) in some UI elements - at least to my taste lol. I think JohnFredC could help here too.
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Re: Dark Theme & Toolbar icons

Post by xnview »

In a future version, when you change theme, you'll be able to change icons too