How are you using XnViewMP to sort your photos?

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How are you using XnViewMP to sort your photos?

Post by xerofun »

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how you are using XnViewMP to organize your photos.

I'm using xnviewmp for quite some time now. But so far I only copy something like the top 100 photos out of thousands of holiday photos into a different folder when putting together a photo show for my family.

Now I'm thinking about using more advanced features, but I'm not quite sure which is the best one to use, so I'm trying to find out what could be some kind of best practice for organizing photos with xnviewmp properly.

I know about the following xnviewmp features:
- Tag files
- Rate files
- Label files
- Favorites
- Categories

Tagging the files only seems to be a feature limited to the system the files are tagged on.

Rating/labeling files will be saved to the XMP tag if "Export rating/color label to XMP" is set.

Not sure about the category/favorites feature, which I haven't tried out yet.

In the end it'd be great to have an option, like right clicking on a folder only getting the tagged/rated/labeled/categorized photos of that very folder.
(I know about "show tagged files", but this shows *all* tagged files on the whole system and not only the one's of the current folder).

Thanks in advance for any suggestion on how to go on.