Keyword/thumbnail caching

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Keyword/thumbnail caching

Post by clairegalpin »

I am using xnView MP on Linux and Windows.
I have a large number of images, in many sub folders, and they are all tagged with keywords. These images are shared on a network with other people who want to be able to find specific images by the keywords.
At the moment, we have to open each folder individually in order for the keywords to pull through and cache making them searchable.
Is there anyway of setting up xnView MP to automatically cache the main directory (and all its sub folders) when I open the program?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Keyword/thumbnail caching

Post by Flopin »


I agree with this. It would be very useful tu set which folder must be indexed. Then XnviewMP could continuously watch for any change at this location without exploring all subfolders first.
Otherwise you wont be able to find a file located in a folder you did not explore previously. This could happen easily if you have a large amount of pictures.
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Re: Keyword/thumbnail caching

Post by Roumano »


Yes this can be useful, otherwise, you can right click on a folder then " view all pictures in sub-folders options" (or name something similar) to create keyword & thumbnail cache ....
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Re: Keyword/thumbnail caching

Post by xnview »

Something like 'add folder' in option/Thumbnail?
This can be very long if at startup XnView check for new files...
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Re: Keyword/thumbnail caching

Post by JohnFredC »

This is yet another example where a separate MP thumbnail tool would be productive. See old request here.