[req] Ability to move/copy folders in browser

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[req] Ability to move/copy folders in browser

Post by Andys »

Please add an ability to move/copy folders as we can do with images now.
I am mostly using cut/copy/paste keys, probably some people would prefer to use drag-n-drop as well.

As I read in forums, XnView had that functionality only in tree pane. Maybe XnViewMP already has the same function, but I can't use it that way - tree pane takes a lot of my screen space and redraws very slowly when I navigate through folders or start XnView. Furthermore, I prefer to use keyboard (hence the Ctrl+X, Ctrl-V, it's faster than moving my hand to mouse).
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Re: [req] Ability to move/copy folders in browser

Post by Vapavite123 »

Hello Andys,

Yes, see application !

French : XNViewMP Copier-Couper/Coller http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=24359