comma-separated keywords in IPTC metadata

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comma-separated keywords in IPTC metadata

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First, compliments on XnView MP. It's certainly the best image-browsing and metadata-handling software in the open source world.

As a professional photographer, I need to individually keyword fairly large batches of images in one sitting. Typically I will do batch keywords that apply to a whole assignment, but then add the last few individual keywords for various images. That is infinitely easier when a string of keywrods can be typed in with commas or semicolons separating each word rather than having to type one into the old-stye entry box currently in use and click to enter it into the field, then delete that out of the entry box to enter the next. It's extraordinarily rare that I reuse keywords from a set. It's so much faster to just sit down and stream them in with commas separating them a la Bridge, Photoshop, Photo Mechanic and others.

Also, on Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) window separator positions are not remembered in a memorized layout.

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Re: comma-separated keywords in IPTC metadata

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Please check XnViewMP 0.48