Suggestion: add more IPTC tags in XnViewMP database

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Suggestion: add more IPTC tags in XnViewMP database

Post by KlausT »

One of my favourite features in XnViewMP is the extended sqlite3-based category database. The IPTC keywords are added to this database by default if selected in the metadata settings tab. That's great and offers an efficient way to retrieve the pictures containing the related IPTC information.

In order to handle all the other IPTC tags the same way, I manipulate the database by creating SQL statements in a shell script, using exiftool to extract the IPTC tags. After that, these SQL statements are executed by a sqlite3 application and the informations from selected IPTC tags are added to the database and can be handled like categories.

This is of course a time consuming task and guarantees no consistency between updated IPTC tags and the database (which must be built from scratch to reflect updated IPTC information).

Therefore, I suggest to extend the category database by adding more IPTC tags. The IPTC tags should be selectable in analogy to the thumbnail labels. Special handling needs IPTC DateCreated: it should be broken down in 3 separate fields (year, month, day) so that it would be possible to retrieve for example all pictures of a year, regardless of month or day.

Another suggestion is to replace the "Match" drop-down menu in the category pane by 2 radio-buttons so that it is always visible to the user whether s/he retrieves information matching "any" or "all" selected items.

Klaus (running Windows)