xnview MP 0.48 x64 ?

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xnview MP 0.48 x64 ?

Post by whismerhill »

I just noticed that there is only an x32 version of xnviewMP 0.48

Now, I'm not complaining, in fact I was wondering if there was any reason to prefer an x64 version over an x32 version ?
I mean : the main point of x64 apps is to be able to use more memory per process (>2~4GB depending on LAA usage ...)
so Is there other improvements in winx64 versions over winx32 versions of xnviewMP ?
because I don't think with my usage that xnviewMP will ever go above 2GB ... let alone 4GB (32 bit + LAA)
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Re: xnview MP 0.48 x64 ?

Post by xnview »

It's only a preview, after testing i'll release other versions...
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Re: xnview MP 0.48 x64 ?

Post by jgutierrez »

Waiting for the Win64 build too!
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