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Suggestions for Video Thumbs

Post by impudicus »

Hi, I just discovered XnView MP via I have a couple of suggestions related to video.
I read through most of the suggestions posted and did not see such suggestions already posted, so here goes..

First, the ability to extract a frame of video from the 'Preview' window. One could right-click on the video and choose 'Extract Frame'
The extracted image would default to the folder containing the video, or one could set up the behavior under 'Settings' . [default folder, specified destination , ask me each time]

Second, the ability to select a frame of video from the 'Preview' and set that frame as the thumbnail for the video. This would help greatly alleviate dreaded black thumbs, title cards and other meaningless images that sometimes get set. The ability to specify 4 frames would be even awesomer.... Then one could set the title card and 3 other meaningful images for video identification.

Third, folders containing video should display the video thumb, or a selected thumb if the folder contains multiple videos. Again, being able to select up to 4 thumbs for the folder would be great.
As it stands now, I have to extract a meaningful sill or contact sheet image to video folders that do not already contain images, otherwise the parent folder is a blank.

Fourth, rollover story thumbs would be neat to have.

Fifth, create contact sheet from video.

Whew... that was a lot ! As you can probably guess, I work quite extensively with many video clips and have been looking for a solution to my organizational woes.
Alreadfy, XnView MP is showing a lot of promise. Keep up the good work !