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Post by gaaned92 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:39 pm

I have somequestions and remarks about the rotation selected with image/rotate/rotate.

1. what is the interpolation algorithm? Does it permits to rotate image without too much degradation

2. As I should like to use it to get a straight horizon, I think that like in theGimp a corrective option is useful. In this case, only the grid is rotated to align on an horizontal line,then the image and grid are rotated backward.

3. if "apply to image" is not checked, grid should rotate.

4. if "apply to image" is checked, the image rotates but the angle slider becomes very difficult to use. You have to type the angle directly

5. rotation angle is remembered from one use to the other. should be reset to 0.

In conclusion, I would be very happy to have the same rotate tool as in theGimp.

Thank you

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