Request: 'Middle-click' on tab & 'Scroll' on tab

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Request: 'Middle-click' on tab & 'Scroll' on tab

Post by budz45 »


In XnViewMP, by default the Middle-click on tab closes the tab in view mode and although this feature is nice, currently it cannot be configured in v0.53.

Right, we already have option to configure Double-click on tab in the Tab options...

...So I feel we must have the same combobox added for a Middle-click on tab too...With the exact same combobox 'do nothing' , 'close tab' , 'duplicate tab' :P

Hmm but I also think that we could also have a combobox for Scrolling on tab too, with the following combobox choices:

Do nothing =
no value, default

Cycle tabs =
With mouse scroll, would cycle through (switch focus) on all opened tabs, scroll up goes in the right-direction of opened tabs, scroll down goes in the left-direction

Adjust zoom =
This would be to Zoom in/out of the picture by using mouse scroll on tab (easy)

There is enough space to add these two functions to the existing Settings>Interface>Tabs

Many tab based applications I have used have options like this for Middle-click, Double-click and Scrolling for tabs, such examples include XYplorer and Firefox (with Tab Mix Plus addon).
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