Disparity with the written 'Comment' field (metadata)

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Disparity with the written 'Comment' field (metadata)

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Please look at these screenshots which depict that Writing an embedded Comment into an EXIF supported JPG file is not recognized when trying to view the comment under Windows system files 'Properties'
this is link to original photo:

This is the comment that I chose to write as a test:
XnView is a cross-platform image viewer used for viewing, converting, organizing and editing graphical & video files.

What is "XPComment" for comments written using Win explorer's Properties? Would it be better to name as "Win-Comments" ?

Why can't a comment written through Win explorer's Properties just display in the same field as a comment written through XnViewMP's "Set comment" command? Do they have to be in different fields?

Should interoperability be taken into account for this?
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Re: Disparity with the written 'Comment' field (metadata)

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Windows doesn't the standard field for JPEG comment but a special Exif field :(