From pre-compiled to C-Y-O -- how soon?

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From pre-compiled to C-Y-O -- how soon?

Post by Silversleeves » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:19 am

I think I keep missing some things in the Linux build of Xnview MP, and I think I've figured out why.

Anything pre-compiled and launched with a script written to scan for available resources on an installed Linux distribution is bound to miss a few things, or have the wrong resource paths written into it. Linux, and particularly the most popular distributions, change/s too rapidly for something written as recently as a month ago to be 100% spot-on accurate now. As old as the original tarball is, instead of looking (and maybe in the wrong places sometimes) for available graphics libraries and what have you, it does compile to what you have available and set those parameters to what it can/can't do for the user. Call it "fire-and-forget" if you want. :)

Compile-Your-Own, tmwot, always works better in the end. Besides which, in Debian and Ubuntu, a compiled app's install stages can be corralled & re-packaged as a .deb file.

So I hope at some stage in the maturation of Xn-MP, we'll see this change. If there's nothing like this in the plan, then please, Pierre, let us know soon.


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