Idea: Another way of tagging images

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Idea: Another way of tagging images

Post by orbspider »

I originally posted this, Feb 14, in bugs/suggestions which might not have been a good place for it.
It might sound like a complicated idea and non-user-friendly, but basically it's about having multiple tags for putting files in different groups from one DB filter result.
For example, it would save me scrolling several times through a DB result (eg 5000 files) to tag and copy files to different places.

I suggest having work trays.
Just like tagging, you keep certain files together and can carry out any processes you like with them. But with work trays you can have multiple trays and you can see the contents of each tray. The first tray or the selected tray if there are multiple trays is the active tray and when you select files in List and hit Space they are added to the tray.

Then a tray can have buttons for Select all, Show All in new tab, Remove Selected, Clear Tray.
Trays can sit in a lower pane as the Preview does. A toolbar button, shortcut etc shows or hides the tray pane.

my reasons...
I use the tag feature a lot, normally to select a large number of files from a category db filter, which I then work from, after I hit "Show tagged" (Shift-Z for me).
So what if I need to select two or more groups of files from the DB result? I have to search the result multiple times.
I could apply new categories to those groups I want -but that takes writing data to files (unless I turn off write to files in settings every time).

-Color rating? well there will be other files somewhere with a color rating.
-if we had colored tags? .........but one will not remember which subject goes under red and which under blue!
-if we had text tags? .........add tags as names and you select the active tag, so files are tagged by the tag names (added to groups)
-if we had work trays? .........add files to active tag but the tray shows what files have been added

Basically, the tag tool makes one work tray already, but if you want to collate all the tagged images you have to leave the work list.

Trays could be in a pane at bottom, tabbed and scrollable.
  • select the tray you want active, mouse scroll button on the tabs, hit Space bar to add selected files to the tray.
    The files in File list added to a tray show a tag box. Make another tray active and its files in the List show a tag box.
    Tray title can be edited.
    trays are saved for later until cleared
Does any one else need this? Or is it just moi?
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