Offset for the Grid Settings

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Offset for the Grid Settings

Post by orloff34 »

I do some tests with XnViewMp 0.60 replacing Fotoxx on my Linux Desktop PC.

I am missing 2 parameters for the a horizontal and vertical offset for the grid lines to better adjust the grid to image. May be you can implement this.
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Re: Offset for the Grid Settings

Post by xnview »

Could you tell me the use?
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Re: Offset for the Grid Settings

Post by JohnFredC »

Hi Pierre

Here is a link to my 2006 (7 years ago!) post about a grid setting dialog. Thank you very much for implementing many of my ideas in the MP grid. You will notice that an offset setting for each axis was incorporated in my design.

Indeed that whole thread is worth reading.
Could you tell me the use?
Many "technical" image analysis tasks benefit from gridded images (measuring features in images, for instance, in photomicroscopy or astronomy, or fingerprint analysis, or earth imaging). In such cases there are many times when the grid 0,0 position needed for analysis does not occur at the image 0,0 point: one needs a grid to be aligned to a specific feature in the image.

So that's one use.

Another use case involves comparing two or more similar images.

When comparing two images with similar features, it is possible that the two images were taken from different vantage points, or that subjects have shifted horizontally or vertically between the times the two images were taken.

Having offset values for the grid will allow the user to align the grid in one of the images to it's location in the other image.

I would apply this feature in a Compare tab. An enhancement to Compare would be required, however: there needs to be a way to assign a different grid to each image in the Compare.

There are many other usage scenarios which I can describe if you need them to justify the offset enhancement to the grid dialog.

It is the little things like the flexibility of the grid that differentiate XnView from other viewers so distinctly.