[Request]High quality zoom algorithm + 'bring to front'

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[Request]High quality zoom algorithm + 'bring to front'

Post by ashleylai87 »

Sorry, I noted that I posted the suggestion at wrong section. I am using XnView MP instead of the classic version. :wink: I didn't notice devs focus their effort on XnView MP.

So, let begin;

1) Selection of algorithm such as Lanczos, Bicubic, Spline etc for "High Quality Zoom" for both 'zoom in and zoom out'. If it is too much of trouble, I would prefers Lanczos to be implemented.

2) Ability to 'Bring to Front' when loading an image. Let say I already run XnView MP. If I press 'enter' on an image, instead of opening the image at 'background' of the running program, I would like the XnView MP to automatically 'bring to front'. (This is different than 'always on top')

Thanks for reading the suggestion ^.^