[request] Crop; Option for unselected-part brightness.

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[request] Crop; Option for unselected-part brightness.

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XnView 068 on Windows7 and Xubuntu 14.04 (both 32bit)

It would be hepful to me if there is an option for setting the brightness of unselected area while cropping an image.

Some users might argue that if it is unselected that we do not want to see it. However, we can decide that it is not selected for cropping AFTER we see it, right ? So, eventhough the unselected-part's brightness is different to the selected part, we still need to clearly see the unselected part.

Now, if I want to see it clearly, I have to turn up the screen brightness 3 or 4 levels. Then, turn it down again after doing the crop. I do not like too bright screen since it hurts my eyes. If the option I request is available, I dont have to do this again and again.

I hope the developer consider this request.

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