Caption formatting when printing.

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Caption formatting when printing.

Post by TrevorT » Sat Jun 14, 2014 11:32 am

XnView MP v0.68 (and 0.64) on a Mac allows carriage returns to be put in the IPTC data, however, these are ignored by the Print process. The result is that captions are printed all on the one line, ignoring the Returns.
A second problem is that long lines do not wrap at the width of the print paper, but the long lines end up being centred with the beginning & end truncated.
The attached Zip contains two copies of the SAME photo file. One is printed with XnView (XNView.tiff) and shows the two format problems, while the other is printed via Picasa (Picasa.tiff) shows the captions printed as expected.
Assuming that this behaviour is not caused by my lack of understanding, could a fix please be put into the "to be done" list?
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