Feature request: separate .ini file

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Feature request: separate .ini file

Post by eltopo »


I am using XnViewMP portable, so I can have the whole XnViewMP folder in Dropbox, with the folder, including xnview.ini, synchronized, thus have all my desktop/laptops updated to the latest version, and configured the same way I want.

However, I hope you can create a separate .ini file for system-dependent settings, such as
1. XnViewMP window's position, size, etc. (some of my screens are much bigger than the others)
2. Recent Files (they are different from different systems).

Or you may want to move these settings from the master xnview.ini to some other files (.db?) for which I can choose "User(System)" in "Paths".

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Re: Feature request: separate .ini file

Post by xnview »

you can use separate .ini and start "xnview -ini <Path>"
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Re: Feature request: separate .ini file

Post by JohnFredC »

The wording of this suggestion highlights the inconvenience of the work-flow used to support alternative XnView INIs in the current versions (MP 0.72, Classic 2.31 on 2/26/15).

For instance, the user needs an external file manager to make copies and rename the INI file. A unique command line is needed to load an INI that differs in name from the default one. The user requires knowledge of cmd.exe, or of batch files, or of system shortcuts. If using batch files, then knowledge of a text editor is "useful" :wink: , and so on. These actions require knowledge and skills that some users may not have (or have patience for), even though they may be fully aware of the benefits of alternative settings files.

XnView should offer internal functions to save/load different INI settings files. Appropriate UI controls for these purposes would be most conveniently placed at the bottom-left of the Options dialog.

All users would benefit.

Functions needed:
  • Save settings
    Save settings as...
    Load settings...
    Apply settings
    Load-and-apply settings...
Nice to have:
  • Import settings page from...
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