Issue with displaying embedded preview from CR2 files

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Issue with displaying embedded preview from CR2 files

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I use XnViewMP for viewing Canon RAW files. In view settings, i have "Camera RAW, use: Embedded preview".
Some cameras, for example Canon EOS 40D, embed to CR2 not a full-size previews, but a half-size previews. When I click on such file, XnViewMP opens and correctly display image as half-sized of CR2-file. Zooming to 100% display 50% size of original CR2, as embedded in preview. It's correct.
But, when I click "Next file" and XnViewMP show the next CR2-file in folder - XnViewMP thinks embedded preview as full-sized, while it actually half-sized. Zooming to 100% actually displays 200% zoom of half-sized embedded preview. I will be glad if this small issue will be fixed.

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