Less keyboard uses on image copy and cut?

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Less keyboard uses on image copy and cut?

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While using XnView, I usually use keyboard shortcuts to copy and cut images, just type Alc + C and use arrow keys to select the destination folder and hit Enter or hit Tab key twice to confirm the overwrite dialog.
But on XnView MP, I need to type arrow key twice to change the destination folder, and on the overwrite dialog, it even needs 12 times Tab key typing to complete the overwrite action!
But still at one point XnView MP does better than XnView, when I change folders on the copy/cut dialog, it do not read the folder automatically like XnView, that always hangs my computer if the folder is very large and have many files in it when using XnView.
At last, I've tried the best to describe the problems with my poor English, you can understand it accurately right? :mrgreen:
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