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Default Fit Image in Fullscreen mode

Post by Inngwarr » Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:14 am


Unfortunately, there is no such options as "Fit Image ..." for fullscreen mode.
I suited mode "Fit image to window, large only", but I can not put it in the default for fullscreen mode.
If I manually edit xnview.ini, exposing:
fit = 1
or choose an option in the browser mode "Fit image to window, large only", then everything is fine.
However, as soon as I press "/" the view mode is set in "Fit Image to window" and remains the default for all next start.
In xnview.ini key becomes "Fit = 2" and can be either manually change or selecting "Fit image to window, large only", and, for some reason, only while viewing the image file in the browser mode.
But it's all going to work again just before the first press "/".

Is it possible to organize the ability to save the default method of viewing if only for fullscreen mode so that it does not reset after pressing the "/" ?

P.S. The " classic " xnview settings "fit image" are saved and worked to fullscreen mode.


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