Add scripting (Lua would be a good candidate)

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Add scripting (Lua would be a good candidate)

Post by jonha4711 »

I think that XnView(MP) would be greatly enhanced if it had a scripting component. If done properly, this would enable automation across the whole of XnView(MP). The difference to the simple batch facilities already in existence would be the ability to use conditionals (if then else, loops etc) and to write complex scripts that could transform a vast number of files in one go.

I know that such an addition would be a major effort. I have already added Lua (a small, but powerful scripting language, see to a number of projects and the amount of work is certainly not negligible. On the other hand, scripting adds a whole new level to the capabilities of powerful applications like XnView(MP). In fact, the more powerful an application already is, the more it gains with automation.