Video Playback suggestions...

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Video Playback suggestions...

Post by Litr »


Please, can you add (at least some of) these tiny but really useful Quality of Life features:

Top 4 :(

1) Allow to play videos in "Fit to window, large only" mode or at least with permanent 100% scale - not just scale all videos to window no matter what. It is useful for low-res video files.
2) Allow to use loop/repeat forever playback mode. It is really useful for "new" WebM videos i.e. as GIF alternative.
3) Allow to pause videos with single left click or Spacebar key.
4) Add media length/duration timer maybe with elapsed time i.e. Elapsed time/Total duration 00:00:00/00:00:00 on status bar

Next 4 8)

5) Add Width/Height (video resolution) and file size fields on status bar.
6) Allow to mute sound with one click i.e. without menu. Maybe you can separate mute sound and volume slider features. In my opinion, there is no point to hide volume slider in popup menu...
7) Allow to double click on video file in Browser to open it in Viewer. Like for regular image files. Heck, you can go back from Viewer to Browser with double click but not from Browser to Viewer. The logic!
8) Seeker bar in current state is mostly useless. It is unresponsive while playback is active and too choppy while paused. Would be nice to change it...

I know that XnViewMP is the image viewer, but you already have video support. So not make it a bit more useful?

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loop/repeat video forever

Post by PuppyCake »

Hello. I registered a few minutes ago just to show my support for this feature.
XnViewMP has great video playback but would it be too difficult to add 1 small option to loop/repeat video forever?

Thank you for taking time to consider this.
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Re: Video Playback suggestions...

Post by crais »

I love the video player in MP and would definitely appreciate these improvements (especially only fitting large videos to the window). I would add two things to the list:

1. Ability to change the background of videos in the viewer from gray to black (maybe this option already exists?). Using the dark theme.
2. Ability to skip forward or back a bit using the keyboard.
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Re: Video Playback suggestions...

Post by Sirio »

Yes, I think the space-bar key should be the play - pause function for video.
Both in browser mode and in View mode.
Many softwares use this short-cut.
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Re: Video Playback suggestions...

Post by Liner »

+1 especially for repeat checkbox, space-bar for pause and slider navigation (seeker bar) by pressing anywhere on the slider and moving the
movie there. I use XnView for both Movies and Pictures and this would make me switch to MP immediately.
(I download every now and then and check if it has been implemented :)

Thanks for a great program!