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Watch folders

Post by PhilEvans »

It would be great if XnViewMP would watch folders for changes - including files being updated - so it can re-read the IPTC information and update the internal DB if the file is up dated.

For example: I keep copies of all our photos on 2 machines, my wife tends to work on the desktop, me the laptop. I sync the two regularly (with rsync). When I assign a photo to a category, this information is automatically written to the IPTC by XnViewMP (or removed if I've uncategorised something), which is great. But when I then sync the photos to the desktop, which *updates* the photos I've tagged but they're not new files, XnViewMP on the desktop does not re-read the IPTC and update its database, so those newly categorised (or uncategorised) photos on the desktop don't show as tagged.

I can get around this easily enough: after syncing I just have to select the top-level folder and then "View-> Update Catalog From Files", but if XnVewMP could automatically watch folders and update the catalog from the file IPTC every time a file is changed, it would be really helpful.
Erixx haxx
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Re: Watch folders

Post by Erixx haxx »

+1 From me.

It would be helpful to be able and pick a few folders to watch for updates and run in the background,
I know this could slow things down, but We could just disable it if it's not wanted. Maybe have a timer/delay setting or only run while program is idle for so long.