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Favorites pane: Icon for favorites

Postby helmut » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:54 pm

Currently, in the favorites panel favorites and sub folders all look the same. This makes it hard(er) to understand the concept behind favorites:
Having a named favorite which allows for browsing its subfolders by navigating in the favorites panel. Without a good understanding of the concept novice users might even happen to delete subfolders from the favorites tree without understanding the consequences: Permanent deletion of the appropriate folder.

Add a favorite with the same name as the folder, then delete it and you know what I mean: When deleting the favorite you have a bit strange and probably wonder whether really the favorite only or also the appropriate folder is delete.

- Favorites should have a special icon which make it clear that this is a favorite and not a folder.
- Deleting folders in the favorites tree should either not be supported or there should be clear warning.

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