Recursive mode and Synchronize Browser

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Recursive mode and Synchronize Browser

Postby HanVroon » Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:29 am

Hello all,

Sometimes I like to be in Recursive mode, viewing photos of my collection in a tree.
I have all the photos ordered by date in the Browser and I open photos here and there from several subfolders.

As soon as I decide to close one tab, the recursive mode is gone and the Browser shows the files in the folder where the just closed file resides.

Just short ago I found out that this behaviour can be switched off with the option Interface, Interface tab, "Synchronize browser when view is closed". Toggling this option off keeps recursive mode active, as long as you don't select a folder in the Folders pane, which makes sense.

It would be nice if Recurive mode would be a mode seperate from the setting "Synchronize browser when view is closed".

Synchronize browser when view is closed toggles the behaviour that when a tab is closed, the Browser will show the contents of the folder where the file resides which tab was just closed.
That is OK and a nice option at times.
The only thing I don't like about that option is that with every tab that is closed, the Browser tab becomes active. I would like that one of the other tabs would get active if there are more files opened, like in Classic.
The only way to make the interface not switch to the Browser after closing a tab while other files are opened as well, is to turn off Syncronise browser.
It would be nice if the Browser would Synchronize on the folder and have the file selected that was just closed, without also making the Browser tab active. Then the Browser tab would only become active after the last tab with opened file was closed.

The other thing is that the Synchronize browser toggle also affects Recursive mode.
The only way to stay in Recursive mode after closing a tab is to switch off Synchronize browser.
I think that the Synchronize browser setting (checked or unchecked) should not affect Recursive mode.
Synchronize browser is a setting, Recursive mode is a temporary condition (not saved in the ini).

I investigated how Recursive mode works in Classic.
Classic will stay in recursive mode no matter if tabs are closed or not.
In Classic the recursive mode will only end if a subfolder is selected in the tree pane, or F5 is pressed with the main folder selected in the tree pane.
That is a good option I guess.

So, in short, my suggestion would be:
- Synchronize the Browser to show the contents of the folder where the just closed file resides, but not activate the Browser tab as long as other files are opened in tabs (this one is a matter of taste, so other opinions may exist, not a big problem if it stays the way it is).
- If Recusrsive mode is activated by right-click in the Folders pane and selecting Show all files (recursive) or by click on the toolbar button "Show files in subfolders", stay in recursive mode untill a subfolder is selected in the Folders pane, which would turn off Recursive mode. Maybe the toolbar button could stay in a "pressed" shape as well, but the recursive mode should not be remembered when closing XnViewMP I think. Just during a session (this is something everyone could like because it doesn't affect anything else).

Kind regards,

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