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"Open in new tab" option

Postby Dreamer » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:27 pm

Option similar to "Open in new tab" in web browsers, discussion started here.

The problem in MP is, that it's possible to open image/video in the current viewer, or in the new viewer tab, but it's not clear how to do it. When opening multiple items - especially videos, many tabs are opened, it's quite confusing and also multiple videos are playing together (I'll create a new topic for this issue too).

Using the current MP option it's easy to use a single tab or multiple tabs by default, but this option would help to open item in new tab only if needed, so I suggest these options:

- "Open" and "2x click" will be using current setting (multiple view for same file, only 1 view per file, max. tabs #).

- New option "Open in new tab" will always open the item in new tab.
It would be available as main menu item, context menu item, toolbar button, keyboard shortcut, mouse/keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+left click and middle click (only in browser, same as in web browsers)

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