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Display EXIF information

Postby DenTNT » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:29 am

It is not a BUG, but it is a polish request...
View -> Info -> Information displayed
When I use code:

Code: Select all

{EXIF:Exposure Time}s f/{EXIF:F-Number} ISO{EXIF:ISO Value}

All works fine, if there is EXIF data in the image:
1/13s f/2.0 ISO3200

But If there is no EXIF data, I see this:
s f/ ISO

Is there a way to fix it (don't display string if there is at least one NULL?
Or can you add new variables like:
{EXIF:Exposure Time desc}
{EXIF:F-Number desc}
{EXIF:ISO Value desc}
To display not only data, but description also.

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