Browse to customizable URL with GPS lat/lon

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Browse to customizable URL with GPS lat/lon

Postby lalaka » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:19 pm

I'd like to have another context menu action next to "show in GeoHack", for which the URL containing GPS lat/lon values can be configured. An option for the lat/lon format would also be useful to support different services.

Use Case: I often use the GeoHack with coordinates from an image to go to Currently I need to 1. do a "show in GeoHack", 2. scroll down on GeoHack page, 3. navigate to corresponding peakfinder URL. With this feature this could be done in a single action.

Example for using fictional placeholders with format:<>&lng=<EXIF.GPS.lon:decimal>

Theoretically, this could be generalized for placeholders for any EXIF/XMP field to e.g. google for the camera make and model.

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