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Highlight categories with common files

Postby GenMind » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:00 am

In Categories Filter after selecting at least one category, highlight those that have common items with current (or grey out those that do not have). Or simply show a number of common files in brackets (instead of the current brackets representing how much every category contains files). Or add second pair of brackets.

For example: a picture of daughter holding a cat. Assigned categories:
  • Daughter
  • Animals
  • Animals/Cats (cat is subcategory)
  • Video

So if using Ctrl in Categories Filter with mode Match All, were selected categories Daughter and Animals, please highlight somehow categories Video and Animals/Cats to separate them from irrelevant categories such as Dog, Son, etc. Or:
  • Grey out categories Dog and Son, or make them unselectable, because there is no point anymore to select them with Ctrl (unless we have second file that contains all previous categories along with dog and son).
  • in brackets (second brackets maybe) for Dog and Son display number: 0. And for Video and Animals/Cats display number value: 1 (or more if we have more files with all 4 categories).

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