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Filesize label

Postby tboy » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:38 pm

My custom label for thumbnails is
{WidthCm} x {HeightCm} cm - {DPI} dpi - {Size}
and it looks like this:
7.50 x 10.00 cm - 300 dpi - 2.30MiB
Please add space before MB !

It looks better and more readable in default "Filesize" label - 2.30 MiB (space before MB)
In XnView Classic it is just:
2.30 MB - best for reading.
Why xnViewMP size is marked as "MiB" or "KiB", I think it has to be "MB" or "KB" (in English) as it is in xnViewClassic?

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