Rename Dialog with existing

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Rename Dialog with existing

Post by Brother Gabriel-Marie » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:04 am

Normally, I use the dialogue box to rename files.
But if I name a file to a name that already exists, the dialogue still closes then another dialogue appears asking me to either replace the file or rename it.

For example:
I rename a file to myfile1, and push okay. The dialogue box closes.
Another box appears saying, "Do you want to replace it"
Now I type myfile2 in that box.

My suggestion is that the original rename dialogue box check to see if the name is already taken and report it right in the same box.
For example,
I rename a file to myfile1.
this name is already taken, so the existing box says, "this file already exists, do you want to replace it?"
If yes, then fine, if no, then I can adjust the name that I want.
I've already got myfile1 in the box (it could be in red since it is taken) and I simply change the 1 to 2
now I have myfile2 (the text changes to black since it isn't taken)
I push okay and am all done.

This way the user doesn't have to deal with two dialogue boxes to rename a file, AND he doesn't have to type two names.

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