Simple format GPS Coord.

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Simple format GPS Coord.

Post by michel038 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:38 pm

Ce serait sympa de pouvoir copier coller des coordonnées GPS "en un seul clic" dans l'un des formats ordinaires de Google ou Geoportail
Soit pour mettre dans une photo des coordonnées récupérées sur google, soit pour copier les coordonnées d'une image et les coller dans une autre (ou tout autre usage)
Exemples de format : 47°13'36.2"N 2°04'04.4"E ou 47.226734, 2.067899 (T'as voulu voir Vierzon et on a vu Vierzon ...)
(Outils, métadonnées, éditer les données GPS

I wish I could copy / paste GPS coordinates with one click , using google format : 47.226734, 2.067899 or 47°13'36.2"N 2°04'04.4"E
(Tools, metadata, edit GPS)

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Re: Simple format GPS Coord.

Post by MikeD » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:38 pm

I support this request - I was thinking of posting it myself.

I think GPS is very important metadata. People viewing a picture are usually interested in 'what' (caption), 'when' (date taken), and 'where' (GPS). I therefore try to add GPS data to photos taken before cameras could add this automatically. I used to use Zoner Photo Studio for browsing and viewing images, and editing metadata, but I now mainly use XnView MP. But it's much quicker to add GPS in Zoner Photo Studio.

Here are the necessary steps in the two programs to copy latitude-longitude from Google Maps to image metadata. Assume that the dialog for editing latitude-longitude metadata is already open, and that latitude-longitude has been found in Google Maps.

Zoner Photo Studio - 5 actions

In Google Maps: select comma-separated latitude-longitude; Ctrl+C.
Return to Zoner Photo Studio; click 'Paste from clipboard'; click 'Apply'.

XnView MP - 12 actions

In Google Maps: select latitude; Ctrl+C.
Return to XnView; select contents of 'Latitude' box; Ctrl+V.
Return to Google Maps; select longitude; Ctrl+C.
Return to XnView; select contents of 'Longitude' box; Ctrl+V; click 'Write'.
Mike Dallwitz

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