Duplicate dialog box on moving/copying

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Duplicate dialog box on moving/copying

Post by areimunde » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:09 pm

It would be great (and IMHO a must) to have more info on that dialog like Description, Embedded comment and category labels of each, and maybe size.

The status button in between both images that has a checkmark on it either green or red... on what characteristics bases its color? size? crc? I did some tests and it shows red if the embedded comment is different (maybe because of file size difference) but it shows green even if categories and/or description do not match so you could wrongly overwrite one categorized and/or described with a non categorized and/or described one. Date should also be taken into account since many of us if both files are identical, want to keep the oldest one for reference, specially if there is no exif date info.

The info request about description and embedded comment and categories, is because many times you spend time adding that info to the destination files and do not want to delete that info overwriting with the file you are copying/moving, but you cannot tell from the info in the compare dialog if any of the files have additional info the other one has not and if so, which one.

The size is because it is easier to read fast when copying many files and there are a bunch of duplicates than file date.

It also would be great if instead of adding "Copy of" to the start of the filename on rename, it would be added to the end instead so it sorts correctly next to the original one (using filename sort); that is, changing its suffix instead of prefix. As an extra, there could be an option in settings to be able to choose the suffix although his setting could be added in the future as time fits. But IMHO the move from prefix to suffix is a must since it breaks sorting on filename.

Finally, MD5 (or else) checksum compare would be great if is easy to implement as an extra, or as with previous comment, as time fits.


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