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Additional progress indicators

Post by Guinness » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:54 am


I often run batch operations over my LAN as I store my photos on a NAS. As these operations tend to take some time it is a bit anoying that there seems to be no indication (other than a wait mouse cursor) if the process is still running and what the progress may be. Instead the complete application freezes and the GUI isn't refreshed til after the current process finishes.

I observed this behaviour on some occassions I can only remember a few, though:
  • EXIF timestamp changes
  • Rotate images according to EXIF orientation field
  • Writing categories to IPTC and/or XMP
  • Reset EXIF orietation field
Hopefully I'm not the only one that wants to get a bit more of a feedback during operations. :)

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