Please make pulseaudio dependence optional for Linux

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Please make pulseaudio dependence optional for Linux

Post by grem » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:57 pm

Currently pulseaudio is required to run XnViewMP while to use audio-multimedia support in Linux it's need to install a huge amount of different gstreamer plugins that are not installed by default.

Some users don't use multimedia support feature and/or their system also don't have pulseaudio package installed.
Is it possible to make multimedia support and especcialy abligatory runtime dependence of pulseaudio is optional.
I.e. is it possible to make in the future releases to run XnViewMP without pulseaudio presence in system by default (with multimedia support disabled in settings by default) or at least by command line option that disable it and allow to run XnViewMP without "" library?

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