Please support the thumbnails for Rhinoceros 3D

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Please support the thumbnails for Rhinoceros 3D

Post by m.Th. » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:58 am

Rhino 3D is the standard NURBS modeller on the market. :shock: :) Translated in English: Rhino 3D is the most used program / the golden standard to make designs using organic (smooth) shapes (curves, curved surfaces).

Is (one of) the most used program(s) in order to design day-by-day products which we see everyday in our house etc.

Perhaps I should mention that Rhino is not a concurrent with the big parametric modellers out there. It takes a different approach which is more advantageous for certain shapes , for example:

Site here:

Sample here:
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Code & docs to extract the thumbnail here: ... ew-images/
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