Similar Search improvements/weird behavior + bug

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Similar Search improvements/weird behavior + bug

Post by whismerhill » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:19 pm

In the similar search UI window, comparing pictures by similar content.
  • "Sort by" is kinda confusing, it doesn't sort pictures among all found files, instead it just changes which is the left or right picture
    I suggest renaming "Sort by" to "Compare by" and creating a new "Sort by" to instead sort all the sets of pictures vertically
    (e.g. if sorting by similarity, the first sets of pictures would have 100% similarity, the last sets of pictures would have the lowest similarity, or the reverse)
  • this current "Sort by" sometimes does this :
    those are for the same set of picture. it happens when using "Sort by" several times & switching around between picture sets, I'm not sure of the exact pattern to trigger it.
    XnView: MP 0.89 - 64-bit
    OS: Windows 7 - 64-bit
  • I suggest adding a "picture sets remaining count" to the window somewhere
  • I suggest adding two more buttons beside those :
    "Mark picture" & "Ignore" (Ignore would just remove the current image or current set if it's only 2 image remaining in the set from the window)
Thanks for reading.

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