should write values from IPTC to Exif

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should write values from IPTC to Exif

Post by carlseibert » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:52 pm


XnView doesn't write the contents of the IPTC Caption, Byline, and Copyright fields to their counterparts in the Exif. Thus, it's possible to write out-of-sync metadata with XnView, especially if values already existed in those Exif fields. (Certain uncivilized programs read from those Exif fields instead of the more sensible IIM or XMP ones, so this is a practical concern if users of a certain operating system - OK, Windows - receive our pictures.)

It would be great if XnView would keep those Exif fields in sync.

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Re: should write values from IPTC to Exif

Post by michel038 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:13 am

You can use a workaround :
- Add a new entry in "open with" menu
Select exiftool (located in "AddOn" folder of xnviewmp)
(after adding, it's name won't appear in "open with" panel, double click in the empty space and edit a new name)

- Add this parameter :

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-exif:xpcomment<iptc:caption-abstract -exif:copyright<iptc:copyrightnotice -exif:xpauthor<iptc:by-line -overwrite_original
( You can add -k option, this one keeps the exiftool window open, and you can read error messages if occurs)

Then, you can select a set of images, and use "open with" to duplicate iptc fields into exif

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