Formatting of displayed information (EXIF/IPTC)

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Formatting of displayed information (EXIF/IPTC)

Post by Riezi »

Would be very nice if the displayed information could be formatted in different ways.
I display many informations in a manual slideshow (everytime I have forgotten how the name of that little church was... :wink: )

1. I display the EXIF altitude.
I would like to add a "m" for meter, but if there is no altitude the single "m" is very useless/disturbing.
Best would be to choose the format (as for the date) for example "[0,0 m]" or "[00,00 Meter]" or "[0 meter above sealevel]".
This would also avoid the senseless decimals which are displayed now ("78.00000 m").

2. As I display several informations in a row I separate them with an "-" ("Germany - Berlin - Berlin").
But if there is a information not present it looks not good: "Germany - - Berlin".
It would be perfect to add logical operators for example: IF {IPTC:state} <> "" THEN "- " & {IPTC:state}
or to hide the explanation "IF {IPTC:country} <> "" THEN "Country=" & {IPTC:county}.

3. Formatting would be great: color for every line or even better change color tags ({red} {IPTC:country} {green} {IPTC:state} {RGB:0000FF} {IPTC:city}
perhaps also the possibility for simple format tags like {center} {left} ... {bold} [italic} {normal}...

Just ideas... Thanx.
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Re: Formatting of displayed information (EXIF/IPTC)

Post by Benrasi »

I also like the idea of the "if" function. Could use it for the focal length in 35mm which is not available in all pictures.

The general wish I have is so extend the SAVE function to the other fields like color, position, titel.... At the moment only the information is saved.

But to be sure we talk abount the same config: I go for number 2


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