Folder shifting when going back

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Folder shifting when going back

Post by Milan » Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:47 pm

It is quite difficult to explain, but I will try. This is my problem with current behavior of directory browser in XnView MP:

If I go into some folder and then return back, I would expect to see folders in the exact same position as they were before I entered one. Unfortunately, in XnView MP, if I return to the previous directory, the icon of the directory I was before will be shifted to the bottom of the directory view. So, if I go back, I must think where I am, which is inconvenient.

Here is a video that captures the issue:

Video description: I first enter the directory titled “1 - Copy (118) - Copy”, which is located almost at the top of the directory view, then I return back, but the “1 - Copy (118) - Copy” folder will no longer be at the top of the directory view but at the bottom. I demonstrate this issue on multiple folders.

My suggestion:
It would be great if XnView MP could remember exactly in which position the scroll bar was before I entered some directory and when I go back the directories will be in exact same position as before. Later on, I realized that folder structure I am returning to could change. So maybe XnView MP could remember the folder position in the directory browser when I enter the folder. Then, when I return, it could set the scroll bar so the folder I came from will be at the exact same level in the directory view as before. Or maybe there is some other way, but I still think that the current implementation is not good.

What is your opinion on this issue?

Thank you


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