Multiple suggestion (and one bug) for XnViewMP

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Multiple suggestion (and one bug) for XnViewMP

Post by Thor » Sat Apr 06, 2019 2:58 pm

Hi Pierre and Xnview Staff!

you have done a great job with these programs and i thank you !

I come from ACDsee 5 ... this was the latest version that supported the descript.ion files that i use from many years.
I say that so you can clear understand some of my request. I started using Xnview classic some year ago but i found that it was really slow compared to ACDsee. XNviewMP was better in speed but at the time of my try, it was in an initial state and missed many important things. Now XNviewMP is mature enough but i encountered on bug (5) and missing other few important features so i try to ask here, hoping to see someone done in the next version :)

The feature list (ordered by importance)
1 - full support for drag & drop: normally in windows, Dragging or Dropping using CTRL-SHIFT you can create a shortcut files (.lnk) but XNviewMP don't do that
2 - view shortcut .lnk files. This is strange because XNviewMP show correctly the image when i set the "view/view as/thumbnails" but the preview pane is black and trying the full screen is also black. On both of them, XNviewMP show a multimedia bar (with play, rewind, mute etc)
3 - it would be nice also the set up of the shortcut of the "configurable program" to "open with". At the moment the program set automatically ALT-1, ALT-2 etc but i've already used this shortcut at windows level so ... i'm unable to use the shortcut in XNviewMP
4 - I've seen that i can associate some command to keyboard shortcut (very good!) but i'm unable to find the command for "view/view as/thumbnails" and "view/view as/detail"
5 - In detail mode i show the comment column and in preference/browser/file_list i've set the comment field = description but ... if a click on the comment column, the sort don't work ...
6 - save session of multiple xnviewMP : it's possible to save (and restore) a session of all the XNviewMP windows opened ? I use many XNviewMP windows at a time (not the tab of a single XNviewMP windows) because i work with a different path on every windows and when i need to restart windows I lose a lot of time to reopen the multiple XNviewMP windows on the different drive/path
7 - I'm unable to move (ALT-M) the files beacause in italian, the main menu "edit" it's translate with "modifica" so when you try to move, you simply open the edit menu. it would be nice if we can set the shortcut also for the main menu (i prefere do the move with ALT-M and change/disable the main menu shortcut)

i thank you for your effort and support ! :D

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