'Repeat filter' hotkey

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'Repeat filter' hotkey

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That's been something I requested over 10 years back, maybe it's high time to refresh it :)
Imagine I need to Gaussian blur 10 objects on the same image.
That means I would have to select the desired place on the image, then click IMAGE, then click FILTER, then scroll and click Gaussian Blur, then click the down menu, then click the 13*13 patter, then click OK. That's way TOO MUCH clicking, which I would have to repeat 9 times over.

It would be much more productive if XNview stored the last used filter and the parameters to be activated by a hotkey or menu item.
Then I would just do the clicking on the first area, and then select and hotkey all the others.

And it would also be nice if besides rectangular, we could also at least use round-oval shapes for selecting objects, as you normally blur out faces which tend not to be brick-shaped.
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