Real-Time Thumbnail Caching

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Real-Time Thumbnail Caching

Post by doko » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:15 pm

A feature that I truly desperately need is the ability to instantly update the thumbnails of new files, even when you're not currently browsing that current directory. Like Everything search( or Picasa. So it'd constantly watch for the directories listed in "Catalog->Cache maintenance" for new files or file changes and instantly update the thumbnail database accordingly.

Another thing is that when I add new folders to a directory in Windows explorer, the corresponding directory in my favourites list doesn't update accordingly, which is incredibly disappointing.

Another related minor thing is the processing of new directories you add to "Cache maintenance". Can you please make it so that it runs in the background with queue-ing support? It''d save so much time as you can add multiple directories at once and do other tasks while it loads in the background.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and thank you for your amazing software!

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