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Under Tools>Settings>Interface>Shortcuts or in French Outils>Options>Interface>Raccourcis, there is the command "cmd_upFolder" that has default with BACKSPACE key association.

I wish to modify this so that it is associated with double click within an empty area in the right pane (aka no file selection) in MP Explorer.

Apparently mouse gesture are not supported with shortcuts, there is another tab "Mouse", but does not offer such possibility.

Possible or Feature request?

In a sense double mouse click are:
* in the left pane(folder structure) double mouse click triggers to show sub-folder structure,
* in the right pane(view) double mouse click triggers to move to parent folder.
(Leave the possibility to also have action with single mouse click so has to associate for instance with "previous folder navigation")

Why I want, that?
Because, I have this feature under Windows Explorer with QTTabBar, and it saves so much mouse movements and time, that you realise it's a must feature.

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