Ideas to improve custom sorting

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Ideas to improve custom sorting

Post by dannylin » Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:05 am

The current custom sorting mechanism using .XnViewSort works nicely. I'm developing a web knowledge management system that takes advantage of a similar idea to support customized sorting but with a few differences. I'd like to request some improvements for the sorting mechanism in XnView so that it can integrate with other applications better.

#1. Provide an option to customize sorting file name

The user might want to use a filename other than ".XnViewSort" for sorting, such as ".files", ".sort", ".order" or so.

Additionally, allow the option be empty, which means don't generate a file to remember custom sorting. This would be useful for people that simply do custom sorting temporarily before a batch rename (as many applications provide no mechanism for custom sorting) and doesn't want a file be generated.

Of course we can default it to ".XnViewSort" for better downward compatibility.

#2. Provide an option to redefine the first line of .XnViewSort

Currently .XnViewSort has a "XnView sort" string in the first line. If #1 is implemented, the user probably want to redefine this string or remove it—I am one of people thinking this line useless and redundant.

#3. Support custom sorting and batch rename for folders

Like files, the user might want a custom sorting and batch rename for folders as well. We may add an option to include folders in custom sorting and in the .XnViewSort file.

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