Catagories, let's expand on that.

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Catagories, let's expand on that.

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One of the most prime feature of XnView since the days of Windows Photo Gallery back on the old days of windows XP and Vista was the tag feature. With that program long dead, XnView has become the next big thing in replacing it and has brought back the tagging system with a very convenient "Category" system. This allows for many categories where there are even sub categories you can add right along with it. Though this adds allot of versatility, it isn't with out a few things that could be quite expanded upon to make it even easier to organize your photos and pictures.

I personally use XnView for all my photo and picture organization and I have a ton of pictures and photographs collected over the years from various artists that I enjoy watching, from trips I personally took with others and so on and so forth. I divide allot of my pictures by artist name, theme, and any character being portrayed and so I have many categories that divides the topic up. Though when scrolling through a folder and browsing the different categories, one thing that just doesn't "pop" out is the tags! They are all white! I have a category called "Artists" and another "Themes" for example. I would think it would be quite something else if we could add color to categories so that all sub categories under "Artists" such as Van Gogh would appear say, purple (A color I chose) while the theme being "Portrait" or "Landscape" would be either blue, white or what ever other color I could imagine to organize with.

I think adding color to categories would make things allot easier to see things better and would cut down on allot of repetition as well. As I do now, I have to make a category called "Artists" then every artist is "Artist:Van Gogh", "Artist: Da Vinci" and so forth. Gets a bit messy if you ask me.

On another note with tags is going though any folder to find which ones are tagged and which aren't. Having a sort by Untagged or Sort By Tagged would be very helpful as well as to so or hide either tagged or untagged with in a folder.

I hope that this suggestion catches on as I really would love to see them in XnView.
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